Amy, BSc (Hons), PgDip Vet Phys, MIAAT, Injury Rehabilitation Therapist.

Barons Veterinary Physiotherapy (BVP) is a mobile animal physiotherapy service in Plymouth, Devon. I work on a mobile basis to ensure your pet is relaxed & comfortable in their own home & environment. I am fully qualified, insured & accredited by the International Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT). This is a recognised membership & ensures that all treatments are carried out under veterinary consent & ensures vets are kept up to date with all aspects of the animal's physiotherapy programme

I initially trained in sports rehabilitation. I worked within many injury & rehabilitation clinics & with local sports teams. I am also able to offer musculoskeletal assessments, sports massage & rehabilitation programmes for yourself too. Alongside BVP I also work within the physiotherapy department within the NHS.

Working in the human sector before pursuing my dream & career as an animal physiotherapist has allowed me to gain a considerable amount of experience & skills that are transferable to animals.


What is Animal Physiotherapy?

Unsure if your pet will benefit from physiotherapy?

Animal physiotherapy is a complementary therapy that is carried out under veterinary referral. It helps to restore movement & function when an animal is affected by injury, illness or disability. It can also help to reduce the risk of injury or illness in the future.

I use various therapies, techniques & exercises to improve an animal’s mobility, enhance surgical outcomes, minimise pain & increase lifespan. Animals may be experiencing all sorts of symptoms as a result of injury, a developmental condition or a chronic condition related to old age. Physiotherapy makes an enormous difference to the comfort & mobility of most animal's & can greatly enhance quality of life for both animal & owner.

Examples of cases suitable for physiotherapy:
- Soft tissue injury
- Lameness & gait abnormalities, leading to muscle imbalance, compensation or spasm
- Musculoskeletal injuries - sprains, strains, tendinitis, bursitis, hypomobility & muscle weakness
- Pain & discomfort 
- Muscle atrophy 
- Osteoarthritis 
- Neurological condition/ spinal conditions - disc disease 
- Fractures - orthopaedic conditions
- Wounds 
- Pre & post-op preparation or recovery: orthopaedic & neurological

Benefits of physiotherapy: 
- Improved function, mobility & quality of movement
- Reduction of pain, swelling & inflammation
- Improved & prolonged quality of life
- Injury prevention  
- Improvement of muscle, nerve & joint function

- It is a non-invasive approach 

- Possible reduced cost for owners

Sporting dogs

Agility, sports training & competition carries a level of risk for the dog. Dogs run & play freely daily but flyball & agility are much more intense exercise placing greater stress on the body & increasing the risk of a potential muscular injury. Most injuries seen in flyball & agility dogs are repetitive stress injuries and not the result of an acute event.

Symptoms of possible injuries seen in a dog during or after training or competition, which may indicate that they have a soft tissue injury or issue are:

  1. Slowing down over contacts, in particular when reaching the contact area

  2. Difficulties with weave entries and staying in the weaves

  3. Changes in posture when jumping (not extending back legs when jumping)

  4. Measuring before jumping

  5. Stutter stepping

  6. Tucking hind limbs up over jumps

  7. Knocking down poles

  8. Unsteady on contact equipment

  9. Lack of focus and drive

  10. Slowing down around courses

  11. Lame or limping after performance

  12. Unable to complete certain obstacles

  13. Stiffness after exercise/ limping

  14. Twitching in the skin

  15. Not weight bearing correctly on all four limbs

Would your dog benefit from regular assessment & maintenance treatments to ensure they are functioning safely?

Pawsome Pensions.jpg

B.V.P Services


I offer a variety of services & each physiotherapy programme will be individually designed. 

Cash payments accepted only & full payment required on the day of treatment. 

The majority of insurance companies will cover physiotherapy costs, however full payment will still be required on the day of treatment and I will provide you with a receipt after each session & then an invoice at the end of treatment, which you can then provide to your insurance company. 

If you live outside of a 10 mile radius of Plymouth, there will be 30p per mile fuel charge.

Cancellation policy - If you are unable to keep your appointment 48 hours notice is required. If not 50% of fee will be charged.

(Any prices on my website/ social media may vary & subject to change)


Coronavirus update

Due to the current restrictions for all appointments can only one person be present, PPE to be worn indoors & social distancing maintained where possible, please.

If you or anybody within your household are showing signs of Covid-19, awaiting a test or been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the last 14 days, please contact me & we can re-arrange your appointment.

Thank you for your co-operation


Canine, Equine & Feline Physiotherapy

 All animals welcome

Your first physiotherapy session will last approximately 1 hour and will include:

- Time for me to introduce myself & spend some time with your pet  
- A full orthopaedic & muscular assessment
- Gait (movement) analysis
- Treatment of any problem areas (time dependent), which can include:

* Soft tissue massage

* Manual techniques - stretching, myofascial release, joint mobilisations, trigger point therapy 

* Kinesiology taping

* Proprioception & co-ordination retraining

* Therapeutic exercises

* Targeted strengthening

* Electrotherapy - Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, Photizo

* Red & Blue Light Phototherapy wand



* Cyrotherapy and thermotherapy if needed

- A rehabilitation programme to be used during & in between sessions 

- Aftercare advice & guidance

Small animal £45 & large animal £50

Re-visits and on-going treatment will last 45 minutes and will be at a discounted rate of

Small animal £40 & large animal £45

Canine physiotherapy assessments available every 6 months to keep your dog in top condition, maintain a healthy body, therefore limiting the chance of any problems throughout the sporting/ working season.

Maintenance physiotherapy sessions available. No injury/ condition required.


Nautical Inspired Leashes

Handcrafted rope items, made to order, allowing you to choose your own designs.

Welcome to our new small business adventure..... Feel free to like & share & spread the word.

Handcrafted leads, made from three strand polyester or hemp rope that has been designed to withstand alot of pull. Each design will be spliced & whipped with a waxed twine of a colour of your choice.

Each item will be handcrafted to order allowing you to choose from the following:

✅ Style of your item:

🔹 Hemp or Polyester leads, slip leads, coupler leads

✅ Rope type & colour:

🔹Polyester or hemp rope

🔹Black or natural hemp colour

✅ Rope thickness & length:

🔹10, 12, 14 or 16mm & 120cm (standard)

✅ Twine colour:

🔹 White, black, blue, navy blue, red, green, purple, lilac, & yellow

✅ Clips:

🔹 Antique brass

✅ Add any additional clips for extras:

🔹 O-ring or dogs tags etc

Items can include:

♦️Dog leads & long lines

♦️Horse lead rains

♦️Cork float keyring

♦️Monkeys fist's (door stops, keyrings)

♦️Decorative items

♦️The items are endless....

For more information, prices or to place an order please message our page 👍.

To place an order we will send you an order form to fill in with your preferences & we will aim to dispatch your order within 14 days. P&P will vary depending on item/s ordered 📮.

Thank you 🙂


Canine, Feline & Equine Massage

Not just for injuries

Massage assists in the rehabilitation from muscular injury, supports orthopaedic issues including arthritis or on the other hand, can help relax a stressed & anxious animal. Massage is not just for competition or agility dogs, but suitable for all senior, young & working dogs. 

To receive the full benefits of massage a minimum of 2 to 3 sessions would be required. 

Benefits of massage: 

– Reduces & can resolve lameness
– Pain management 

– Improved performance 

– Improved temperament, movement, gait & posture

– Reduces & resolves soreness/ stiffness & reduces anxiety & stress

– Correct muscular imbalances

– Rehabilitates muscular injury

– Reduces trigger points & myofascial pain

– Improved proprioception & co-ordination
– Directly addresses the muscular issue
– Can enjoy longer walks
– A therapy for non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAID's) intolerant dogs
– The animal can become more sociable 
– Addresses the whole body 

- Enables a good hands on assessment for all dogs

Contraindications of Massage:

Massage is generally considered to be a safe form of therapy, however some conditions can make it unsafe, including:

- Where increased circulation would be a disadvantage

-In the presence of acute inflammation

- Immediately after injury where there is haemorrhage

- In the presence of infection, raised temperature & skin irritations

- If the client is dehydrated

- In areas of active bone growth

- If cancers or cysts are present

- Fractures, shock & lethargy


Machine Hire

Assisting with recovery and maintenance 

This is a popular service as you are able to help the progress of an injury in between physiotherapy sessions or it can give you the opportunity to try the machine beforehand, if you were thinking about purchasing one.   

Photizo £15pw (+£15 deposit: which will be returned at the end of hire)

- A photizo will maintain & speed up the healing process.
- Aid in natural pain relief for your animal if they are suffering with a long term degenerative chronic condition.
- Help with muscle recovery on performance & active working animals. 
- Will complement manual therapies including massage.

A Photizo is a effective treatment for:

- Skin conditions: wounds, lacerations, hyaloma tick bite necrosis, hot-spots, abscesses, saddle sores, habronema, proud flesh, acral lick granulomas, bruising, skin allergies & eczema.

- Musculoskeletal problems: arthritis, tendonitis, myositis, ligament/ tendon sprain/ strains, bruising, fractures, neck and back pain, splints, overuse injuries, synovitis, oedema, hematomas, muscle injuries, muscle spasms, trigger points, seromas & mastitis.

- Post-op: any area treated surgically, including skin grafts.


Dog Bandanas

I'm having physiotherapy

BVP bandanas come in three sizes small, medium & large - all of which are adjustable.

Would your pet benefit from wearing one when out on a walk or on a day trip to let others know you would like space to avoid further injury or regression in treatment? 

£5 each

Oakley PP.jpg

 Pawsome Pensions - A license to chill!

A service for retired working police & fire dogs

Barons Veterinary Physiotherapy have the pleasure in working with Pawsome Pensions & providing physiotherapy for retired Police & Fire dogs. 

Pawsome Pensions help to support our retired Police and Fire dogs from Devon, Dorset and Cornwall Police Service and Fire and Rescue Service. 

Eventually the time will come for all of these skilled dogs to retire. This normally happens around the age of 7–8 for General Purpose dogs and a little bit older for the Labradors and Spaniels. All are watched and their health comes first when decisions of when to retire them are made.

If you would like to support, donate or would like any additional information about Pawsome Pensions please visit:



visit their Facebook @PawsomePensions

Charity Number - 1188907

Dart vale.jpg

Sports Therapy & Injury Rehabilitation

Why not treat yourself too?

It is not only your pet than can receive the benefits of a sports massage or physical therapy...

Common injuries of the upper limb include:

- Tennis/ Golfers elbow

- Whiplash, concussion & tension headaches

- Shoulder injuries: frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injury & dislocation

- Overuse & osteoarthritis

- Lower back pain: sciatica & joint pain

Common injuries of the lower limb include:

- Groin pull

- Hamstring injuries

- Hip flexor strain

- Knee injuries: ACL tear/ strain, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

- Shin splints

- Tendonopathies/ tendinitis 

- Ankle sprain

- Overuse & osteoarthritis

Injury rehabilitation will include a consultation, treatment to any problem areas & a individually designed rehabilitation programme to be used during and in between sessions. 

Initial session 1 hour - £40

Ongoing treatment - £30

Are you suffering with any aches and pains or have a ongoing niggling problem? Sports massage...

30 mins - £25

45 mins - £30

Like us on Facebook to be the first to see any special offers. 



Max our elderly Yorkie and the centre of our lives, severely damaged his cruscient ligament while chasing rabbits. The vet said there was nothing he could do and three legs with a limp was his future. However, he recommended Amy as the only person he knew who could help Max build up his strength. Within three sessions Max was walking limp free and the pain appeared to have gone. He adored working with Amy although he is a very feisty independent terrier and the exercises she gave him he really enjoyed so that we were able to work with him in between sessions. It is now two years since his injury and he is enjoying a fun packed life with no signs of damage. Amy is totally amazing and we owe her everything. Her skill as a dog Physio is beyond words and she is also a lovely warm and caring person. We cannot thank her enough!

Mr & Mrs O

Can’t recommend Amy enough, the results we’ve had from my boy speak for themselves. Amy is friendly, helpful and so knowledgeable. She was able to put together a comprehensive plan for my boy that’s been easy to follow and given us a variety of day to day activities to follow to help improve his arthritis and make him more comfortable in his older years!

Miss W

Amy has treated my terrier and she was incredibly knowledgeable and very good at working at my dogs pace. As a local dog trainer I have already recommended her to a few clients and will continue to do so

Miss P

Amy has been helping our dog Maverick recover from a spinal injury causing his whole back end to be paralysed. Since using Amy, he has gone from only walking with a rear leg harness to walking off the lead! She is professional, knowledgeable, full of enthusiasm and has a genuine love of animals that shows. Mav loves her and is excited every time to see her. Without her we doubt his recovery would have been as great! Thanks Amy

Mr R

Nala started having physio with Amy after having surgery for a luxating patella at 7 months old. We started sessions following 6 weeks crate rest as advised by the vet. By then Nala had lost a lot of muscle, strength and flexibility in her leg and couldn't even sit straight. After regular sessions with Amy we soon saw massive improvements and now Nala is running around like any other young dog, you would not know she has had surgery. Nala loves Amy and always goes crazy when she sees her. Amy makes the sessions varied and fun and you can tell she really cares for the animals and loves what she does. I can not recommend her highly enough. Thank you.

Miss M

Amy has really helped my 10 year old Dalmatian Penny with the sessions she has had! Iv seen such a great improvement already! Would definitely recommend!

Miss W

"Very professional, knowledgable, friendly and effective physiotherapist. I have used Amy for injuries on both myself and my dog. I would most definitely recommend her for all your rehabilitation needs, both human and animal. Keep up the good work Amy!"

Miss S


Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening times?

Monday - Saturday

Appointments can be flexible, please contact me to dicuss.

Sunday: Closed

Can I claim for physiotherapy on my pet's insurance policy?

The majority of insurance companies will cover physiotherapy costs, however full payment will still be required on the day of treatment and I will provide you with a receipt after every session and an invoice at the end of treatment which you can provide to your insurance company.

How many physiotherapy sessions will I need to book?

This will depend on the individual case please contact me to discuss this further.

How do I book physiotherapy for my pet?

Contact me, I will then take some details, then I will contact to your vets to gain permission.

Where will the physiotherapy sessions take place?

I will visit you at your home so your pets will feel more relaxed and comfortable in their own environments.

What is GDPR?

Privacy Notice - The General Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a EU wide legislation and became the 2018 Data Protection Act from 25th May 2018.

Barons Veterinary Physiotherapy - The personal data I collect about you will include data relating to yours & your pets personal details, wider contact details and data relating to your pets veterinary history if applicable. 

I will use your pet’s data to design physiotherapy & rehabilitation programmes & to manage future communications between yourself & I and the referring veterinarian. All records/ histories will be kept for a minimum of 7 years following the last occasion on which treatment was given.


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